How I Ran The Laundromat

by Invisible Hand

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Three songs inspired by my trip to boston. On the first one I wrote the music before I went and the lyrics came after, on the plane.
the second I wrote and recorded the day of the session and really shows off how ADD I can be, or how stoned I can get, or how much malaise I feel at any point. In any case it is merely a sketch of something that will later be expanded upon....maybe.
Third, cover of the Standells "dirty water" with quite a few liberties taken.

There is a lot of "I don't give a fuck" in these recordings but that's is how I work best. There is a lot of bombast in recording and writing in a single day... feels like a major purge and is, I think, the most effective way for me to stay current with my where my soul is. If I think about any one thing for too long I will end up never really having a firm idea of what that is because of my ability to see all perspectives. It's a curse and a blessing. I should've been born a jazz musician.

Performed and recorded at white star sound on 5/24/13 all by my lonesome


released May 25, 2013



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Invisible Hand Seattle, Washington


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